Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry

Nutritionally Balanced Recipe | SERVES 4

Ingredients you need:

1 zucchini (95g), cut into discs

1 cup green beans (120g), halved

2 carrots (240g), cut into discs

1 broccoli (305g), cut into florets

500mL light milk or calcium fortified milk alternative

200mL light coconut milk (<5g saturated fat/100mL)

3 tsp extra virgin olive oil (15mL)

3 cups cooked brown rice (425g) (≈1 cup dry 200g)

 Heartful Flavours Thai Green Curry


Choose your protein:

700g tofu, cubed or 700g tempeh, cubed or 600g no added salt chickpeas or 500g fish fillet, thickly sliced or 480g skinless chicken breast, sliced
(half the amount if choosing two proteins)



1 cup Thai basil leaves

1 chilli, sliced


Create Healthy Meals in 3 Steps:

1. Heat oil in a large pot on high. Cook protein source until golden and coat with Heartful Flavours Thai Green Curry.

2. Add coconut milk and milk of choice, then add vegetables, cover with lid and reduce to medium heat to simmer for 6-8 mins, stirring occasionally.

3. Serve with ¾ cup cooked brown rice for each bowl and optional Thai basil and/or chilli.


Each Serve Gives You:

2.5 serves of vegetables

1 serve of meat/alternatives

1.5 serves of grains

0.5 serves of dairy/alternatives

The Australian Dietary Guidelines

Nutrition Information

Create this healthy Thai Green Curry. Your heart and taste buds will thank you! 

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Gaby Plimmer

Wow, the thai green curry tasted amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely flavours (and smells) despite no added salt or sugar. As a cardiac rehabilitation nurse I am always promoting healthy eating and cooking food from scratch in line with the Mediterranean and DASH diets. Having cooked this dish and seen how it only contains 42mg of sodium in 100g (way below our aggressive targets for those with heart failure or heart attack) and despite adding low fat coconut milk to still have less than 1gm of saturated fat per 100gm is truly marvellous. I will be promoting heartful flavours to my cardiac patients and encouraging them to try. Well done to the heartful flavour team and look forward to seeing more healthy recipes soon.

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